Going on a safari @ the San Diego Zoo!

This past Friday I had the chance to experience the animals and sights at the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park.  I haven’t visited the park for over a year now and this time I got to thoroughly tour the area for the first time.  Friday was such a perfect day for being outside; the sunny San Diego weather never fails.  General admission for the park is about $40 for one day; you can get some discounts for being a AAA member.  I went with a friend who has a membership pass which allows them to bring in one guest for free! (this includes free rides on the SkyFari and on the tour bus)  So if you are a wildlife enthusiast and love visiting this zoo, a membership pass is quite handy, especially because it works at the San Diego Wild Animal Park too.  Parking in Balboa Park and at the San Diego Zoo is totally FREE which is a huge plus!

The picture up above is of one of the pandas in the park; the panda exhibit attracts a lot of attendees.  A small line began forming after we entered and only half of the panda exhibit was open since the other side closed earlier after an event.  At the entrance of this exhibit, you are able to take a picture with your group in front of a backdrop which places you between two pandas.  It’s free to take the picture but the cost of printing it is pricey, about $20 for one!

The SkyFari is an amazing way to get to view the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park from a whole new perspective.  It seems a little daunting going way up in the sky but it’s definitely worth it.  Once you’re in your basket suspended over the trees the view from the top is indescribable, not only can you view the entire park, you also can see parts of the urban side and how these two very different environments are juxtaposed.

The San Diego Zoo is only open from 9am – 5pm currently so here is a quick strategy we used in navigating the park in an efficient way:
When first walking in, we took the SkyFari all the way to the opposite side of the zoo.  Then we proceeded to tour the left side and walk along the paths in a sort of s-shaped pattern.  Doing this we winded back towards the front.  Then we toured the right side weaving through the trails until reaching the Elephant Rocks area.  After that we took the SkyFari back to the beginning to end the day.  There are some event that only occur between certain times so it’s best to make note of them and plan your route accordingly if you want to catch the special events too.

‘Til next time 🙂

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