Went Went to… Hash House A Go Go!

This past week I visited Hash House A Go GO in Hillcrest (San Diego).  They are my favorite breakfast / brunch restaurant to go to whenever I have cravings for something sweet, savory, and scrumptious.  The portions they serve are HUGE so think about sharing a meal before you decide to order separate dishes, unless you want to take leftovers for another meal.  I guarantee you that you will have lots of leftovers if you all order separate dishes :).

Hash House serves amazing food! I ordered the Blueberry Pancake dish which came with one pancake that seemed about 12″ in diameter and came with a side of homemade mashed potatoes and two eggs over easy.  You can customize your side dishes with several choices on their menu.  The pancake if split could literally make four regular sized pancakes; that’s how large it was!  My friend and I split it and still ended up having half the pancake as leftover.  They used so many blueberries in the pancake which I really liked because each bite was filled with with a very berry flavor that went well with the sweet syrup.

Hash House also has a jam that they personally make; each day they have a different flavor and that day they made a strawberry mango jam.  The mashed potatoes had the perfect consistency and went well to balance off the sweetness of the rest of the meal.  The eggs over easy were VERY gooey and could have been cooked a little bit more because some of the egg-white was still clear.  Hash House has amazing customer service and the servers routinely check up on you and ask you how you are doing.  I even forget to take my leftovers with me and one of the workers rushed out the door to personally give me the box I forgot on the table! Now if that isn’t excellent customer service, I don’t know what is.

Overall I give this restaurant 5 out of 5 stars : great quality food, great portions, excellent customer service, and a great value for your buck! I would come back again but will hit the gym first to work off all those calories from the last meal. 🙂

Go out and see SoCal, one bite at a time!
~ AJ

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