All Aboard!!!

I had the opportunity to ride the Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland for the first time!  I don’t normally go early but that day was an exception.  The ride was very calming, a pleasant contrast to all the stimulation and hectics around the theme park.  The ride lasted about 15 minutes or so but I didn’t mind because the view was great.  It’s a really different perspective that you are able to experience when viewing the rest of the theme park from the lake.  We saw all of Frontier Land as we circled around Pirate Island.

The Mark Twain has 3 levels, which passengers can explore while the boat is sailing around the lake.  It’s a classic boat that still operates on a steam engine from the olden days.  Ideally you’d want to grab the seats at the front part of the deck so as to get the best view without any hindrances.  The other two levels have good views as well if you don’t mind standing near the railing but there are benches and other places to sit towards the inner structure. The Mark Twain has a relaxing feel; it’s one of the few rides where you can just sit down and enjoy the view.  I even saw the person next to me whip out a novel to read during the ride.

The Mark Twain riverboat only operates until sunset somake sure to catch it when you’re there during the day.  During the night, this boat is used in the Fantasmic performances that carries all the characters during the end scene.  Another boat, the Columbia pirate ship, operates in conjunction with this one.  Both alternate along the same route but I prefer the Mark Twain because it looks more elegant and has more levels to explore than the one level pirate ship.

Tune in for more places and stories! And I’m open to any places in Southern California you suggest to visit.

~ AJ

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