A Museum Must See!

I walked passed the San Diego Maritime Museum located in the San Diego Harbor.  The ships and submarine at the docks are all included in the trip, plus a boat ride for an additional small fee. The Star of India is docked at this harbor as well as the British Navy frigate (HMS Surprise) which was the model ship that creators used for the hit movie Master and Commander.  There are also a bunch of events scheduled throughout this month that are happening around this location.  For instance the Parade of Flight is happening today (February 12), celebrating 100 years of “Naval Aviation”!  Since it’s SD Museum Month, you get half off your admission with the pass from Macy’s (1 pass is good for 4 people) so don’t miss this great chance to witness a piece of history in this lovely city.

Let me know if you happened to have the time to check this museum out! I’d love to hear your stories. 🙂

Check back later to see some more Museum Month attractions!
~ AJ

Start of India

British Navy frigate

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