Flemings Restaurant – La Jolla

photo credit: Flemingssteakhouse.com

This is a late food review but I figured I should still write about it because it was one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve had so far.  I went to Flemings steakhouse in La Jolla, CA for Valentine’s Day weekend with my special someone to celebrate.  We chose Flemmings because their Valentine’s dinner special sounded delicious.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were welcomed by the front desk and the warm-dark ambiance, as well as the smell of food sizzling in the kitchen.  We were promptly seated and given some bread with tomato tapenade and garlic butter as an appetizer.  Eating the appetizer set the bar for my expectations high for the rest of the night.  I knew from this point on the food would only get better.  First came a fresh ceasar salad with rosemary seasoned croutons.  I ordered the fillet mignon with grilled shrimp and a side of garlic mashed potatoes.  The fillet mignon was cooked to perfection and literally melted in my mouth; one of the most tender pieces of steak I’ve ever eaten.  The fillet paired very well with a glass of red wine.  The grilled shrimp was also superb; it was topped off with some herbs and stuffing.  I savored my food one bite at a time, each one filled with flavor.  Dessert came last, a rich chocolate molten lava cake with some vanilla bean ice cream in a cookie boat on the side.  Biting into this sent my taste buds soaring into bliss.  Yes, it was that GOOD!

Throughout the night the service was great and very friendly.  Our waitress even gave suggestions of which wine to pair with our food.  Flemmings is pricey but that’s because they have very high quality products and you pay for the dining experience too.  The high quality ingredients and customer service earns a 5/5 stars from me.  I wouldn’t suggest going here all the time but every now and then if you feel like splurging on a special dinner.

**Quick Tip: Flemings is a sister chain with Outback Steakhouse, so if you want the same USDA prime grade beef at a lower cost, I’d recommend going to Outback.

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