Man vs. (Sea)Food!

So the time came for me to finally try the live sea urchin offered at the Poppas Fresh Fish Company booth at Brian’s Farmers Market (UTC La Jolla).  It was a VERY interesting experience.  The sea urchin cost $8 which included the labor to open, gut, and wash the dish.  For those of you who want to buy it and open it on your own, it costs $5.  I’d advise anyone who has never opened sea urchin to have the pros do it or at least watch a tutorial online before attempting this task.  The pros have the right tools such as gloves, knives, and the know-how in going about cleaning it.

For my first time eating live sea urchin, I enjoyed the experience. People walking by had mixed reactions to me eating it, which was very entertaining to watch.  Some expressed feelings of disgust while others were curious and eager to try it too.  The sea urchin had a subtle seawater smell but wasn’t overpowering.  To my surprise it tasted sweet and not salty at all with a creamy texture resembling that of gelato.

Stay tuned to see what I try next! 😀

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