Summer ’11 Update par Deux

Here’s a recap of all my adventures since the last blog post in no particular order:

1) Visited the Pokemon World Championship, since it was conveniently being held in San Diego. 

2) Saw the Mary Poppins musical in Downtown SD at the Civic Theater. It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… in other words, very entertaining!

3) Attended the Katy Perry and Robyn concert in Los Angeles, which we bought tickets six months in advance for. 

4) Received an invite to and attended the CNN iReporter party at the San Diego Safari Park, celebrating CNN iReport’s 5th year anniversary!

5) Identity Festival in Chula Vista, showcasing some of the most popular djs in today’s music industry including: Kaskade, Afrojack, and Steve Aoki.

The Pokemon World Championship took me back to my childhood when I would play the game and watch the cartoon for hours. It’s amazing seeing this series still holding up strong, and still as popular if not more today. Players from all over the globe, from Japan to Italy attended. This was basically like the Olympics for Pokefans.

Mary Poppins gave me one of the best tips I used growing up, “a spoonful of sugar (does) help the medicine go down”! This animated cast of performers brought the movie to life with their fancy footwork and upbeat songs. I really loved the set designer’s work on the house, which would open and close certain sections very methodically. It was kind of like the way the robots in Transformers shape-shifted from one form to the other. 

Seeing Katy Perry in concert was a “Teenage Dream” come true! (LOL :P) She sang every song live and the set looked like it came straight out of the Candyland board game. I wanted to eat it… seriously, cuz I was hungry and didn’t want to pay for any of the high-priced food at the Nokia Theater. A little celeb bonus was seeing her husband, Russell Brand, enter and sit in the audience. Katy is truly devoted to her fans and has come a long way from “I Kissed a Girl”.

I wasn’t very involved with CNN iReport but had several reports get recognized and featured on the website. That was almost two years ago and to my surprise I got an invite to the local CNN iReporter Party. I went ands mingled with about 50 other San Diego iReports. We all had a blast participating in the scavenger hunt and having meet and greets with some very exotic and rare animals. The highlight of my day was being able to take a pic with a cheetah. 

Identity Fest is a traveling music concert hosted by SkullCandy where various djs perform at venues across the nation. I participated in the $20 ticket deal so I went with a bunch of friends to the one held at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater. Tickets at the door ended up being over $60. Overall, I had a good experience and had the opportunity to listen to some new music from Kaskade, one of my favorite djs. I loved his new single “Eyes”.

Listen and Enjoy 🙂

Til next time,

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