A New Year with Many New Experiences

I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s celebration! I also participated in ringing in the New Year by attending a music event in San Diego called OMFG. Fedde LeGrand, one of my favorite djs, performed as the headliner of the event. However, this time around I felt his music paled in comparison to previous events where I’ve seen him. Other djs caught my attention, especially Porter Robinson whom I felt delivered the best set of the night. All around, I had a great time with friends and heard a lot of good house music such as this one: Feel So Close – Calvin Harris

To start off the New Year, I decided to attend “Jungle Bells” at the San Diego Zoo before the end of the holiday season. I have never been to the zoo during the holidays so this struck my curiosity. Besides, I’ve spent most of my holidays at Disneyland and Jungle Bells sounded like a nice contrast to what I’ve been used to. Upon entering, I was amazed at the crowd; the streets were bustling with families all excited to see the animals and evening events. My usual trips to the zoo have been somewhat low-key and more manageable to navigate through the park. Like always, the most popular exhibits had the most crowds such as the newly built panda exhibit. Even the elusive tiger came out to play in his exhibit. And out of the many times I’ve been to the zoo, I’ve only actually seen the tiger twice.

I’d recommend Jungle Bells at the San Diego Zoo for families looking for a nice holiday event that is more affordable than a theme park, and just as festive! This event can be experienced by kids of all ages. There’s something exciting around every corner of the journey through the park and during the evening, the shows start. Since attending, Jungle Bells has ended for the holiday season but will be back next December. If you were able to attend, let me know what you thought of it!

‘Til next time,

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