Disneyland Expansion Project

             Credit: Yelp.com

If you’ve recently gone to Disneyland, then I’m sure you’ve noticed the many dark windows along the left side of Main St. This section of the theme park is currently undergoing  construction as of early January. All those shops you held dear to your heart (Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, Candy Palace, Carnation Cafe, the Coca Cola Shop, and Blue Ribbon Bakery) are currently closed as part of Disneyland’s expansion project. But fear not, you can still get ice cream across the street at the Main Street Cone Shop and candy can be bought at various locations throughout the park. Most of the shops listed are scheduled to reopen in the spring, with the exception of Carnation Cafe that will reopen in the summer.

Credit: MiceChat.com

In addition, Jolly Holiday (themed after Mary Poppins), is the new go-to place for beverages, pastries, soups, and sandwiches. They offer the same food as seen in the surrounding Disney hotels. An interesting fact about Jolly Holiday is that it houses an antique cuckoo clock. Ask the workers for the story behind it! 🙂

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