“The Happiest 5k on the Planet” – The Color Run, San Diego

(Photo Credit: thecolorrun.com)

On Saturday, Nov.3rd, the “Happiest 5k on the Planet” (The Color Run) came to San Diego! I had the pleasure of participating in this event for the first time with a group of friends, our team name was “Rainbowsaurus”– pretty colorful name huh! About 26,000 runners, walkers, strollers, and dancers came to partake in this celebration of color, and it was truly a sight to see. Pre-race, all you could see were people dressed in bright white clothes but by the time you reached the finish line, the entire lot (and everyone in it) was decked out with a stunning array of colors. Blue, pink, yellow, purple… you name it, they had a color packet for it!

(Pre-race photo.)

Review: The Color Run – San Diego event was held at Qualcomm Stadium, a very spacious venue that could accomodate the mass amount of attendees. Parking wasn’t too terrible because the lot was very large but traffic was horrendous! — Driving along Friars Road, the entire right line was backed up for several stoplights before reaching the stadium. As with any event at Qualcomm Stadium, it is good to allot time for traffic. We were lucky enough to have figured out another route that let us bypass the bumper-to-bumper action along Friars Rd. I also want to make note that after the morning shift, other lots around the stadium were open to accommodate the incoming afternoon shift runners, a great plan to manage the flow of cars.

The run itself was a fairly simple 3.1 mile / 5k course, it went around the perimeter of the stadium lot and looped back. Color stations were positioned at ever kilometer along the course with barrels of color powder and volunteers eagerly awaiting to “colorfy” the runners. They also had a “Happy Wall” where you could right about “what makes you happy” — I really liked all the audience participation and loved reading all the entries. — This run had no chip-timing but that didn’t matter to us, we enjoyed skipping to each color station and literally dowsing ourselves in color. — I wish I had brought a video camera to record all of it.

The Finish Line festival was the definition of FUN! They had a pretty large stage with an energetic announcer and awesome DJ spinning dance music to pump us up. About every 15 minutes, they conducted a color toss where participants would release color powder into the air. It was an amazing experience to see all the plumes of color engulfing the crowd! 

(Post-Race photo.)

I loved this run so much and loved the level of organization. If you’re in a city that is hosting this run, sign up fast! The morning shift quickly sells out… and the fact that it isn’t timed makes it that much easier for anyone to join.  www.TheColorRun.com

I’ll leave you with a promo video of the event — This is what got me to sign up.
Thanks for reading! Look out for more food reviews from me soon 🙂


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