Will Run for Chocolate: Hot Chocolate Run 5K (San Diego)

Last Sunday marked the anniversary of my first Hot Chocolate Run in San Diego. The event has grown bigger and better with the level of organization and choco-swag provided to all the participants. A friend of mine ran in the Chicago event and I heard stories about how it was poorly managed there. However, the San Diego expo and run went very smoothly. What I liked most about the event this year was the jacket. It was a tech hoodie, an upgrade from last year’s thin windbreaker. My other favorites included the choco bag, the chocolate (of course), and the run signs they let us make at the expo. The run signs were a huge hit! It’s simple perks like those that make it fun for everyone to participate in.



This time around, I felt more prepared to take on the course… and conquer the steep hill at mile 2 of the run. As the sun rose above the hill on C St., I felt a rush of energy and proceeded to make my way to the top. It was as if the day was greeting me with a “Hello”. That, combined with all the on-course support, gave me the confidence to continue. I finished the race with a smile and enthusiastically strolled along to the chocolate tent to claim my reward. SWEET VICTORY!


The finishers’ mug was filled with treats including: a banana, rice krispie treat, wafers, pretzels, marshmallows, chocolate fondue, and hot chocolate. It was all delicious but no longer had the Ghirardelli chocolate like last year. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it all and loved the fact that they had bags for runners to keep their finishers mug. 

chocolaterun4Once again, I had a fun time at this race and am looking forward to it next year. I think I’ll take on the challenge of the 15k (9.3 miles).

Thanks for reading!
~ AJ

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