St. Patrick’s Day Parade – SF

How did you spend your St. Patrick’s Day?? To tell you the truth, I had nothing planned but on a whim, I decided to look up events in my new home city. I was amazed to find this gem on a cheap travel site I frequently visited – 

“The West Coast’s largest Irish event celebrating Irish history and culture, the 163rd Annual San Francisco St. Patrick’s Day Parade, attracts some 100,000 revelers every year and is one of the city’s most popular events.” – via FunCheap SF.

Going to the parade I didn’t know what to expect, especially one with so much history. But I was excited all the same. st patricks parade1

The parade started at Market and 2nd Street and ended at Civic Center. Anticipating a large crowd, friends and I decided to view the event at Civic Center. We arrived just in time to see the beginning of the marchers make their way around the corner and to the end of the route, marked by a stage and the announcer’s booth.  
Tip: We found plenty of view space along Polk St. And at the corner, there are lots of opportunities to take photos of the different groups because they pause at the intersection.

st. patricks parade 2

Following the flag bearers, the Irish Pipers Band came marching along to the tunes of bagpipes. This parade had everything you would expect: floats, local government officials, various groups, and performances, my favorite being the Irish dance troupes. The dancers displayed wonderful entertaining routines – weaving around one another, creating intricate formations, and showing impresive command of all the quick footwork. 

st. patricks parade 3Colorful floats showcasing traditional Irish music and dance passed by us, some even handed out little freebies and candy to all the onlooking kids. I appreciated how these groups continued their tradition and have been participating in this parade for generations. Sadly, there was no post-parade festival to write about. But this event was entirely FREE and a great way to spend a Saturday with friends.

Thank you for reading. It’s been a while since my last blog post but I will be slowly adding more posts about my adventures and updating some pages… hopefully soon. 🙂



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