Will Run for Chocolate: Hot Chocolate Run 5K (San Diego)

Last Sunday marked the anniversary of my first Hot Chocolate Run in San Diego. The event has grown bigger and better with the level of organization and choco-swag provided to all the participants. A friend of mine ran in the Chicago event and I heard stories about how it was poorly managed there. However, the San Diego expo and run went very smoothly. What I liked most about the event this year was the jacket. It was a tech hoodie, an upgrade from last year’s thin windbreaker. My other favorites included the choco bag, the chocolate (of course), and the run signs they let us make at the expo. The run signs were a huge hit! It’s simple perks like those that make it fun for everyone to participate in.


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35th Annual LA Chinatown Firecracker 10k

Firecracker 10k bag

“Keep on running! I gotta push through this.” – That’s what goes through my mind at every run.  Events like this always get me pumped to try my best, and the LA Firecracker 10K pushed me to a level I had thought I could never reach. Running in a race is a unique experience that I encourage everyone to try at least once in their lives. It’s exhilarating, inspiring, and most importantly…. FUN!  Continue reading

Will Run for Chocolate!

Lately, I’ve been running more often than usual. It all started when I signed up for my first run at the Hot Chocolate 15k/5k San Diego inaugural race (March 25th). They had me at the word “chocolate”, I mean who wouldn’t love to participate in an event with loads of Ghirardelli chocolate? They had everything from hot cocoa to fondue, all the while distributing those Ghirardelli chocolate squares I loved so much. I trained a couple weeks in advance for the 5k but nothing could have prepared me for the rush I felt on race day.

With over 7,000 runners, the lot next to PetCo Park was filled with people eagerly waiting to run. My friends and I made it a priority to get there early to park and get pumped for our run, which was scheduled to start at 6:45 AM (way too early for me). Nevertheless, we made it according to plan with time to spare, so we decided to stroll through the area and grab some hot cocoa in the designated “hospitality” tent.

Race time came soon after, and my friends and I were sent dashing down the streets of downtown San Diego. The wind against my face felt exhilarating as I weaved in and out of the crowd, making my way through the sea of runners. With each passing checkpoint, I drew closer to the finish line and I could almost taste the chocolate that was waiting at the end. The toughest trek of the race was the hill marking the halfway point. It seemed to go on forever! Seeing all the runners ahead made me more competitive, even though the real person I was competing against was myself. — An important tip I learned in running in these large events is to not compare yourself with anyone else. In other words, try to beat your PR (personal record) and you’ll succeed.

I crossed the finish just seconds behind one if my friends. We each congratulated one another and then the real celebration began! The Hot Chocolate 15k/5k had a designated tent just for distributing chocolate to the runners, and they were very generous with their portions. Each of us got a tray with rice crispies, apples, bananas, pretzels, marshmallows, and a heap of Ghirardheli chocolate fondue. Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast? I savored each bite of my food, basking in the chocolate bliss. It was definitely one of the sweetest breakfasts of my life and I would gladly sign up for this run in a heartbeat.

Currently, registration for the 2013 Hot Chocolate 15k/5k San Diego run is active online. Next year’s Goodie Bag will be even better, featuring a stylish and sporty tech hoodie commemorating the event.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be posting more adventures soon. 🙂
– AJ